GATE 2015 Preparation Tips

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Gate 2015 preparation tips

Gate 2015 is an all India examination that is administered and conducted jointly by the IIS i.e. Indian Institute of science and the 7 IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology) present in India. It is conducted by NCB i.e. National Coordination board of Department of Higher education as well as Ministry of Human resource development i.e. MHRD. The Eligibility for GATE is B.Tech degree pursuing or completed after 10+2 are eligible. Master degree holders in any branch like M.Tech, MS. Integrated master degree students and dual degree students are eligible for GATE.

Gate exam preparation tips include the following:
  • The Candidate should have a high percentile from well-known institutions should be served for this purpose.
  • The student should study seriously for GATE for about 3 to 4 months continuously.
  • He/she should study according to the defined syllabus preferred for GATE.
  • He/she should be able to solve previous year GATE papers within the time stamp defined for it and should be doing this as per regular routine.
  • The most important Gate 2014 preparation tip is that the student should be able to fill up the gap by doing extra study for hours regularly.
  • He/she should perform several practice tests.
  • The student should have perfect time management skills as before an one month of examination he should be able to revise only the selected topics and queries with proper concentration
  • The student should cover the entire syllabus up to his fifth semester of degree.
According to toppers, a list of things are encountered which every student must know in order to gain success in GATE. The following are some of them:
  • Just the previous day of GATE examination, one should revise the course completely, otherwise it causes hurry at the last time and ultimately everything gets wrong.
  • During the exam, one should cover up first of all the A section which consists of 1 mark each and then he should go for the second section that contains 2 marks each.
  • The student should be able to manage the time suitably.
  • One should not get panic upon receiving the examination paper. The student should not get confused and should perform the paper accurately with full concentration without any hesitation. 
  • The student is not directed to complete the entire syllabus. However a selective section of topics preparation can also result in effective selection of learning.
  • The student should not memorize the answers without any proper understanding otherwise this may result in a futile exercise.
  • Proper time managing skills should be adopted by everyone who is preparing for this examination because this helps in avoiding the small mistakes and confusions as well.
  • The study plan should be made in such a manner that it focuses on solving one’s weakness and at the same time strengthens one’s ability in something.
GATE is Necessary to have a Better Future:

It is essential to become part of any renowned educational institute.
The GATE qualified students are also eligible for junior research fellowship in CSIR laboratories also.

This provides scholarships for pursuing Masters in technology i.e. M.Tech based on identifying the students’ affordability that is also taken into consideration by the government of the country.


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