Really We Need GATE Coaching?

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What is GATE?

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is an exam for undergraduate students of engineering and science. It is an all-India examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the major Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). The main objective of the exam is to evaluate the students’ understanding of a chosen engineering or science principle and the ability to solve technical problems.

When is the GATE 2014 exam?

The GATE 2014 exams take place from 1st Feb 2014 – 2nd March 2014. The various subjects are designated a respective date. The exams are held on a weekend and the location depends on the preferred test centre of the candidate during registration.
The exam is for a duration of 3 hours that contains 65 questions which carry a maximum of 100 marks. The examination for the papers are carried out on an online computer based test mode where the answers are keyed in on a virtual keyboard.

Why do I need to go to a GATE coaching centre?

Concentration is an important quality to crack the GATE exam. The effort you put in is very crucial to ensure success. If you decide to start early as well as prepare in a pre-planned manner, you can clear the GATE exam. You need to be thorough with the B.Tech syllabus to excel in the GATE exam as the questions are widely based on the engineering degree in graduation. More practice helps you perform well in any exam.  
Going for coaching classes to prepare for the GATE exam is a wise decision. They provide extensive training on how to solve problems quickly and do calculations by an easy method. This can allow the student to solve the questions faster as well as keep him sharp for a wide range of problems.

How is the GATE exam paper evaluated?

The GATE examinations are held in various sessions for different subjects. Therefore there is a need to normalize to make sure any variation in the difficulty level of the papers across the sessions does not affect the result of the candidate. The GATE 2014 score of the candidate is obtained using the following formula,
 Score = Sq + (S– S)*( M – Mq)/(M- M­­a)
M  : Marks obtained by the candidate
Mq : Qualifying marks for  general category
M : Mean of marks obtained by the top 0.1% of candidates
Sq  ­: 350, score assigned to Mq
St  : 900, score assigned to Mt
Where can I use the GATE score?

The GATE scores are mainly required for admission into the post graduation programs like M.E/M.Tech or PhD. Most institutions in India specify GATE qualification as mandatory for the admission process. The top rank holders are also awarded a scholarship and annual gratuity. Recently, many universities abroad such as the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and some universities in Germany also recognize the GATE score for the admission proves. The most sought after institutes are the IITs and the IISc. These institutes select only the creamy layer of students and provide them excellent opportunities.

Can I get a job with my GATE score?
The Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India have made it mandatory for the applicants to clear the GATE exam with a high score. These companies often recruit the best scorers in their stream. Indian Oil Corporation was the first PSU which successfully tested out this system. It was followed by the National Thermal Power Corporation, Bharat Heavy Electricals, Bharat Electronics & PowerGrid Corporation of India. These companies often announce their recruitment procedures after the GATE announcement, representing that all candidates have to mandatorily to take the GATE exam to apply for the job.

Why GATE Mock Test

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What is GATE?
GATE, short for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is one of the most competitive exams conducted in India. This exam primarily tests the candidates on their understanding of the various subjects studied by them in their under graduate program of engineering and science. Seven of the IITs and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore have joined together to conduct this exam. Every year individual of the eight institutions takes up the responsibility of organizing the test. The paper generally consists of sixty five questions for hundred marks. While most of the questions are related to the subject of the paper, there would be question which deals with general aptitude and also engineering mathematics.

What is the importance of GATE?

GATE is the primary eligibility criteria to get an admission into any of the top institutions for the post graduate programs in Engineering. There are also few public sector undertakings in India, such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Indian Oil Corporation, etc which consider the GATE scores while selecting the candidates for recruitment in entry level positions. With GATE becoming the gateway for the coveted admissions into top notch institutions and with various organizations testing their candidate’s subject knowledge through this exam, the importance of GATE has increased in the present scenario.

Do you need GATE mock test?

Yes, definitely. With over nine lakh people appearing for the exam and the number of candidates registering for the exam growing every year, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that you have all the resources to end up in the top percentile. And the GATE mock test will help you in achieving to be in the top percentile. A mock test would replicate the exact pattern to be followed in the real exam and it will give you a taste of how the real exam is going to be. It will also measure how prepared you are for the exams. With the scores that you get in those mock tests, you can assess your level of attentiveness. You can also find the areas where you are strong and areas where you might want to improve. The more tests you take the more prepared you become. As you practice on taking many mock tests, your speed in reading the questions and answering them would increase.

With the number of seats offered by the top institutions being few and the likely competition that you have to face for those few seats being high, the importance of GATE mock test cannot be stressed more. Not just the admissions but GATE can also get you stable jobs in the Public Sector Undertaking. The stress on the GATE mock test is well justified by the above mentioned reasons. There are various institutions which offer mock test packages for a fee. You can opt for any of those packages and help yourself in getting prepared for the real exam. Mock tests are a sure fire way to ensure that you land in your preferred job or secure an admission in a top institution.

What After GATE Exam Result?

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The Results of the GATE examination will provide an all India rank to the qualified students based on their percentile scoring. This means that if one student gets 99 as percentile score, he is recognized in the topmost 1 per cent category of appearing students in Gate. The students who get less than 70 percentile are not eligible for the score card. The score cards are sent to only the qualified students and no any information is sent to the non-qualified candidates. After the declaration of the Gate exam results, the qualified students must apply to get application forms of individual educational institutes.

Then the students are guided to get M.Tech admissions in renowned institutes through the help of newspapers from the date of 1st April till the end of the month July. The students get admissions in different institutes based on their percentile scored in GATE. There may be a possibility that the concerned institute may conduct another written test or interview during the admission process. If one gets 96 percentile score, he would get admission in the leading Indian institutes like Rookie, BITS Pilani, RECs etc. If less than 85 percentile, one may look for other appropriate institutes

Scholarship for the qualified candidates:
During the pursuing time for M.Tech, the student gets a scholarship for Rs.5000 to Rs.9000 on a monthly basis by the Indian Government. This amount is given in order to fulfill one’s living expenses like purchasing of books and so on. This scholarship is paid throughout M.Tech i.e. for 24 months or 2 years. The students who are in their 3rd year or last year in B.Tech programme can also appear in the Gate examination. This is because:
  • The score card per student is valid for 1 year.
  • The Gate prescribed syllabus covers subjects up to 5th semester in B.Tech.
  • It can be a good effort, if one scores a bad rank and one should be always ready to try again.

The Benefits of Gate:
The main objective of GATE is basically to identify the excellent and inspirit students for admission in Post graduate engineering programmes at the National level. M.Tech degree is a must for those who wish to apply as faculty or researcher in leading educational institutes. The M.Tech degree is a 2 year program which adds to get more time for working out career opportunities. Higher salaries are offered for the M.Tech as compared to the B.E degree. Better companies come for campus placements in leading institutes.

Many leading institutes and foreign universities indicate their interest in the GATE qualified students. These colleges or institutes specify the Gate score as a mandatory option for qualifying admission of self-financing candidates. Every year one IIT i.e. Indian Institute of Technology or IISC i.e. Indian Institute of Science is selected as the organizing institute for GATE. The Gate qualified students in engineering programme are also eligible for Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR laboratories. The M.Tech degree further leads to specialization in a certain area that may lead in addition to Ph.D. With this degree, one becomes a part of nationally reputed educational institution and enjoys their learning and research.

How to Utilize Internet for GATE Exam

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Gate (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an all India examination which is administered and conducted in combination with the Indian Institute of science and leading seven Institutes of Technology on the behalf of the National Coordination board- GATE (Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India for admission in Master’s degree program in Engineering/Technology and some time also for some kind of doctoral Programs.

Awareness about GATE
You guys must be aware that the notification for the Gate Examination is out and it’s further recommended that candidates should go through the site via the help of Internet. Before you start preparing for your Examination of GATE you should go through the following steps-

  • Downloading the Latest syllabus for Gate Exam
Uses of Internet are remarkable with respect to the candidates preparing for Gate examination. You should download the syllabus and accordingly you should refer to the syllabus and analyze the number of questions which are going to be asked with respect to each subject. You must be aware that all subjects are not at all having equal marks. For every stream the syllabus is available on internet. Some of the streams mentioned are – Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. you should also look into the study material which could help you guys in preparing for the examination. With different sample question paper you could check out that how much confident you are in solving the paper easily and quickly.
  • Using of proper resources and choking out books
Selection of appropriate books and study material is required by the candidates. You should ensure that you have opted for the right kind of materials for your study. For checking out the appropriate book you could seek help of your colleagues and professors who are teaching you, as they are having lots of experience in teaching students. Their guidance is quite required as they have information that which book or source would be best for your studies. You can also download previous question papers from site and based on your study try to get them solved at the stipulated time, so that you are able to get an idea that what’s your pace and how much more improvement is required.
  • Planning for your Study

It’s believed that reaching to any heights you have to be really hard working and should concentrate well on your studies. You should also check that which all topics are having highest weight age, so accordingly you should plan that how to move about it. You should analyze the focus area of subjects as per the branch and the level of command you have on your subject. You should also understand that even the subject is having a lower weight age, but still it is having some points for your result. So it is recommended that even though you are not taking those topics seriously, you should go in details with respect to the working of the topics quite attentively. So that any issues coming in could be solved easily.

How to Choose a Best GATE Coaching Center

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Significance of GATE:
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an exam which is conducted to verify the relative performance level of the candidate on his/her undergraduate subjects. There are several subject categories in GATE the final GATE score secured by the candidate is used to decide on the admissions of their Masters degree. At present, many recruiting organizations also consider GATE score for recruitment and have made GATE scores to be the primary criteria.

Choosing Best Coaching Center:

While choosing the coaching center, one should be concerned of several factors. Few of them are listed below: 

Choosing the stream:

As mentioned earlier, there are several subject categories in GATE. So it is important to choose the stream of our interest and start looking for the coaching centers which offer the best training.

History of the coaching center: 
Should know the active period of the coaching center since the year it was established.
To check whether the chosen coaching center is a well reputed one.
Should collect the details regarding the number of students enrolled in the course.
Must take a look on the ranks scored by the old students with respect to the toppers list.
Should track the records of the past performance.

Surroundings of the coaching center: 
Should get a comfortable feeling in the class environment.
Make a consideration in the coaching centers that are close to the home or work place, so that it would be easy and convenient in attending the classes.

Time slots of the coaching center: 
Should check whether different time slots are available.
Should enquire on the number of students per batch and choose if it is with limited students.

Method of training: 
To know whether extra classes would be taken.
To make an enquiry whether any sessions would be specially taken in order to clarify the doubts.


Should make an enquiry on the teaching faculties' qualification of the chosen coaching center.
To know whether the professors or lecturers are qualified and have got a good experience.

Mock sessions and mock tests:
Can give a try by attending the mock sessions and demo classes.
Should contact the representative to know about their way of testing the performance of the students.
Should make an enquiry whether mock tests will be conducted on a regular timely basis.

Payment method:
Should ask for the fee structure and get information about the refund system.
Should check with the mode of payment on the basis of our convenience.

Whether the center is updated with latest technology: 
Should know whether the center is updated with the recent technology innovations so as to conduct live online sessions.
To check whether the coaching center has an active website so as to make use of reference E-books at any time.
To check whether they have got the collection of all the previous exams' questions and uploaded them at their site for the student’s reference.
Should collect some pre-information whether the study materials issued by them are really useful and relevant with our current subject.

Contacting old students:
Can contact the previous students of that coaching center to gain better information about its education part.

Hope you guys found the article useful.

Wish all the students a great success to crack GATE!

GATE PSU Recruitments

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There has been some new changes due to which the strength of the candidates for Gate exam has increased to certain height. According to the recent trend, PSU recruitment could take place according to the score in the Gate Examination as well. PSU Requirement is quite different for all kind of services. Initially it was a means to get selected for various post graduate programmes in Indian higher education institutes, with the financial assistance provided by the MHRD and other Government agencies.

Sectors who have signed MoUs with Gate
 There are numerous public sector undertakings that have initiated and signed the MoUs with Gate for using GATE 2014 score as the screening tool for the recruitment of engineers at the entry levels. Some of the companies who has got this signed are- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.,  Hindustan Petroleum corporation Ltd., Indian Oil corporation Ltd, National fertilizers limited, NHPC Ltd, NTPC Ltd. etc. It has also come to limelight that all the candidates who have resulted in the high score of the GATE 2014 would be working. Those candidates who are appearing for the GATE examination and also looking for the PSU, they would have to look for separate forms with respect to PSU and accordingly apply for the examination.

Applying for PSU’s via GATE
In case candidate is interested in getting into PSU via GATE then they should pay some attention with respect to applying for the examinations. For checking the availability, candidates need to click on the links which are provided on the sites. For example- for power ride there are around 132 vacancies for which the eligibility criteria are –Electrical/Electrical power/ Electrical and Electronics –January 7, 2014. In the similar manner the details with respect to other options are also available for which you need to be careful and attentive. You should not hesitate with any information which you are having because it would be serving not only you but also your colleagues who are studying for their examinations.

How to study for the GATE Exam
Candidates need to be sure while they are moving ahead for the GATE examination because they have to learn harder if they wish to qualify in their examination. There are so many means through which candidates could get support with respect to their studies and even can seek help from many of the online consultants and coaching organizations, who could convince them and help them in enhancing their skill with respect to their subjects. There are many experts who are following the studies on the Video and imparting the lectures to the candidates.

 Dividing process of study into few steps
There are few suggestions which could help students to crack the examination. The most crucial part of the preparation is your determination and dedication. Some of the steps which could help candidate are as under-

  • You could either buy or get a copy of the previous question papers along with the solutions. So that you could get an idea that how the papers come and even you could try your skill that how many questions you could solve in some stipulated time span.