SK Engineering Academy
The SK Engineering Academy is providing excellent coaching, both regular as well as online to the engineering students. In fact it is the organisation who started the idea of online coaching. The students here are given excellent coaching for the various competitive exams after the engineering degree like GATE and IES. The coaching institute offers coaching for different types of PSU exams as well.
The foundation of this institute was led in the year 2004 and at that time the classes were conducted under the thatched roofs but the institute has made a huge progress as today the institute owns 8 centres in the city. The credits of this immense growth go to the highly qualified teachers that are working with full dedication for the institute. The institute offers coaching to all the streams of Engineering.
The institute cares for each and every student that is associated with them and that is the reason that they are trying their best to place the fresh graduates in the public sector and private sector both and they have launched the placement services in their institute since the year 2010. The faculty here focuses on conceptual understanding with some of the latest learning techniques. The institute conducts regular tests and ensures that the student retains whatever is taught to him. The students are given immediate feedback after the test by the teachers, so that they could rectify their shortcomings.
However, the institute is planning to employ some of the methods to train the students with their soft skills too. Till now, this has not been implemented but the institute is planning to implement in a short time.
The mission of this academy is to make help the students of Engineering realise their dreams regardless of their background or their streams.
Other than the academics, the institute organises several other kinds of programmes too that are helpful in creating a healthy and prosperous environment for the students. Some of these are as below
Independence Day Celebration
Every year the institute celebrates Independence Day. The national flag is hosted in the academy and national anthem is sung by everyone.
Convocation Function

The institute celebrates the success of the students who get a great score in GATE and the students who get a job in the Public Sector Units or the Private Sector. These students are greeted with rewards and these students deliver motivational speech that helps in building a great career for their juniors. So, if you are planning to join a coaching institute for the preparation of GATE, IES and other PSU exams then, the SK Engineering Academy in Chennai is the best option to go ahead with.
GATE Revolution is one of the leading institutes of the country that provides training to the engineers for cracking the Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE) and the Indian Engineering Service ( IES) exam. This coaching institute is a unit of GURU GRAM GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS. The institute is producing toppers every year and the faculty of this institute consists of toppers of the GATE and IES exam. The GATE Revolution is serving the students with the engineering background for the past 8 years and it has more than 5000 students enrolled in its various learning programmes. The coaching Institute offers different types of courses for the students like the regular classroom course, weekend classroom course, classroom test series and postal test series.
This coaching institute is following scientific and systematic methods for preparing the students for the various competitive exams. Other than the GATE and IES exams, this institute is offering coaching to the students for the jobs in the various Public Sector Units. This institute has several branches in the country and it has recently started its classrooms in Chandigarh and Patiala. So the students of Punjab, who wanted to crack these competitive exams can now avail the opportunity to get enrolled in this institute. Other than this, the institute is offering its students with several other facilities too. Let’s put up light on some of these facilities.
  • The study material that this institute offers is completely relevant and according to the latest pattern of the GATE and IES exams.
  • The students who want to analyse their performance can join the test series offered by this institute. Other than the test series, the coaching institute emphasis on the all- around development of the students and that is the reason that they offer interview guidance and some personality development tips too to their students.
  • The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology gadgets along with a multimedia projector for the better understanding of the concepts by the students.
  • The institute offers its students some of the non- technical courses too. These courses cover subjects like General Science, Mathematics and English. The institute teaches its students some of the network building skills as these skills helps a lot for the growth of any business.
GATE Revolution
This institute is producing excellent results from the past eight years, so it is definitely a very trusted and reliable institute and the students who dream of  a good rank in the various competitive exams after engineering can think of getting admission into this institute.
This GATE Indian Institute of Tutorials is one of the top coaching institutes of Karnataka that offers coaching for the GATE( Graduate Aptitude Test) and IES ( Indian Engineering Services) exams. This coaching institute offers coaching for the UGC NET, KSET, PGSET, IIT JEE Main and Advanced, AIIMS, K-CET and many more entrance exams too. So if you are going to prepare for any kind of entrance exam, this institute would answer to your each and every query. This prestigious institute is run by the ex- employees of Infosys and the alumni's of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT's) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc). This institute is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.
The coaching that is offered in this institute is based upon the latest syllabus and the latest pattern of the exam. The faculty of this institute is very dedicated and highly qualified; most of the teachers are either the ex- professors of some of the most reputed colleges of India or are the ex- students from some of the top notch colleges of the country. The institute offers regular, weekend and alternate days classes. So there is a full- fledged freedom to the students to choose the timings according to their ease.
The students of the GATE IIT have been successful in securing some of the top ranks in the GATE and IES exams. This has happened all due to the hard work of these students and the guidance path shown by the mentors of this institute. The teachers of this institute work independently on each and every student and they try to maximize the potential of every student. The GATE IIT offers several other kind of facilities too that have helped the students in various ways.

  • The institute offers Free Wi- Fi, internet access in the library along with the latest PC’s. The students are provided with high speed internet facilities and this has proved to be really very fruitful as now the students can easily clear their doubts and learn more about any specific topic from the various websites. The library provides an access to the latest Tablet PC technology.
  • The institute offers regular classroom courses as well as short term courses too. The students, who are already prepared for their tests and just need a brush up, can join these short term courses.
  • Highly effective study material covering the entire relevant syllabus along with the Mock tests that help the student in analysing his performance.
  • The students, who come from faraway places, can reside in the hostels provided by the institute as this institute offers the students with the hostel facility as well. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with proper facilities including food, cleanliness and proper sanitation.
Elite IIT GATE Coaching
Elite IIT is a coaching institute in Bangalore and it offers coaching for the various competitive exams like GATE, GPAT, IES and other PSU exams as well. Other than the engineering entrance exams, this institute offers coaching for various other exams too like UGC NET, JEST, PGCET, CSIR NET and many more. Other than this, the ELITE IIT has been successful in placing 1000s of Engineering students in some of the most reputed Multi- National Companies through the off campus placements. There are several benefits of getting enrolled in this institute.
  • The institute offers trial or demo classes for the students. So, one can decide smartly whether to go with this institute or not by attending these classes.
  • All the topics that would be asked in the test are covered well and that too with complete details.
  • The Elite IIT conducts several types of Mock Tests that help the students in preparing well for the examination.
  • Other than this, there is a chapter wise question bank that is offered by the institute and to help out the students, the institute offers the solutions of this question bank too.
  • The students can attend the doubt clearing session in case they have a doubt in any of the topics covered till then.
  • The batch strength of this coaching institute is its best part. The classroom programmes have at max 10 students enrolled in a particular batch. So the students can easily ask any kind of doubts without any interference of the other students. It is easier for the teacher too, as they can work on the strength and weaknesses of the students individually with a small batch.
  • Other than the regular classes, there are weekend classes too. So the students who can- not attend these regular classes can enrol themselves in the weekend classes.
  • The fee is genuine and the payment modes are very simple. The institute values your money and time and that is the reason they have employed very easy payment modes for paying the fees.
  • The faculty is very hard working and experienced.  The staff is truly dedicated towards its work and they follow interactive type of learning in the classrooms.
  • The coaching institute offers the bright students with rewards and scholarships.

So, if you have completed your graduation and if you are thinking to pursue a Master’s degree in the post graduate colleges of Karnataka through the Post Graduate Common Entrance Test (PGCET) then, the Elite IIT can be the best choice for you. As it conducts regular tests and provides very efficient study material to its students for clearing the PGCET test.

GATE Efficient Coaching by The GATE Academy

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 The GATE Academy
The GATE Academy is an institute that is offering efficient coaching for the competitive exams like GATE and IES. The coaching institute was founded by very talented and hard- working people, the alumni of IIT's( Indian Institute of Technology) and IISc( Indian Institute of Science). The rigorous coaching that is given to the students of this institute have proven to be fruitful as the institute has been successful in securing some of the highest All India Ranks in the GATE and IES exams.
The Kolkata centre of The GATE Academy is running very successfully under the guidance of highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals. The institute is managed by a highly laborious team and the team members are the pass outs from some of the best college. The managers of the Kolkata branch have a great experience of dealing with the GATE papers and their in- depth knowledge of the GATE exam pattern and criteria has helped the institute to offer effective coaching for GATE. The faculty at this institute believes in Hard work and that is the reason that they do not follow racism. They consider every child equal whether he is a weak student or the topper of the class. The teachers of this institute work on the strengths and weaknesses of the students individually. The students are given the opportunity to utilize their strengths.

The tests that are conducted in this institute are not only helpful for the students in analysing their performance but they resemble very closely to the GATE exam itself. In fact according the saying of one of the topper of the Kolkata Branch, he did not felt anything different while attempting the GATE paper, it was just like as he was solving the regular test paper of his institute. Other than the Mock Tests, the Institute offers its student with the E- lectures too. The students can revise the concept whenever they are stuck at a particular point. The students have complete freedom to choose the kind of batch to which they want to be enrolled. The institute is currently running Classroom Programs, GATE Test series and other Correspondence courses as well. The Gate Academy is serving the students with its efficient coaching in GATE and other PSU’s in many parts of the country.  It has more than 50 centres in the country. The level of effective teaching and fruitful results can be judged from this fact. So if you are serious about your future and if you dream yourself to be in a good college or if you dream of getting a reputed job in the Public Sector after your Bachelor in Engineering degree then The Gate Academy can be the right choice for you.  The students who are the residents of Kolkata can join the Kolkata branch of The GATE Academy for a successful career.
As the craze for clearing the various competitive exams like GATE, IEAS and other PSU’s after completing the graduation increases more number of coaching centres are set up. The Vani Institute is an institute that was established since the year 1991. The initial branch was set up in Hyderabad and then it was set up in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kochi and Vizag. The institute can be a very good choice to go with if one is thinking of getting coaching for the GATE, IES and other JTO exams.  The institute started coaching for AMIE at the starting and then it gained huge popularity and it also started giving coaching for GATE and other PSU's. This institute is the only institute in South India that started giving coaching for the GATE exam in all the branches for the first time. And till then it is offering its efficient services.
Vani Institute
The institute is constantly producing toppers every year from the various branches of Engineering like Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. For an effective result there should be a spirit of team work among the mentors and the relationship between a student and the mentor should be crystal clear. The Vani institute has one of the most laborious and experienced staff and the faculty are always ready to help the students in any kind of problem whether it is related to academics or even personnel. This is the reason that the students in this institute are very frank with the teachers and they clear their queries without any hesitation. The students can attend the classes according to the time that suits them the best, this is so because the institute offers different time slots for attending the classes.
An institute that takes care of all the requirements of the students can be categorised as a decent institute and this institute offers various kinds of online test series programmes for the students who can-not afford to come to the institute. Other than this, the institute conducts regular tests that help the student to analyse his performance. Getting admission to this institute is very easy; one can contact them through mobile or through their website.
The fees that one has to pay to get admission into this institute are completely worth its price. The faculty is very hard working and one can avail some additional benefits too. The institute also provides the students with some kind of interview cracking tips besides the learning material and test series. Once a candidate gets enrolled in this institute, he does not need to worry about the study material; it is so because the institute provides study material for all types of branches for clearing various competitive exams.
Engineers Institute of India
This is one of the premier institutes of the country that offers coaching for the various competitive exams after B.Tech like GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), IES (Indian Engineering Services), PSU (Public Sector Undertakings) and JTO (Junior Telecom Officers). The faculty of this institute is extremely dedicated and all the teacher are IES and GATE qualified and they have an experience of teaching in some of the best engineering colleges in the country. The coaching institute focuses on completing the relevant topics that will be asked in the Question paper and this way the students get an organised way of preparing for the exams. The best part about this institute is that there are only a limited seats in the batch and this makes the student comfortable in clearing any kind of doubt. As it is seen that many a times students are not able to clear their doubts just because the other students would make fun of him.
It is said that motivation is very important for attaining great results and the institute believes in this thought and that is why they employ various methods to motivate the students and to keep them on track. Personnel interactive sessions with the toppers and Merit Scholarships are some of the methods that they implement in their institute to boost the morale of the student.
The Engineers Institute of India is producing toppers in the competitive exams like IES and GATE. The achievement section of the institute is flooded with the stories of toppers, not only IES or GATE, the students of this coaching institute are serving in the Public units like NTPC, ONGC, ISRO, IOCL, NHPC, BEL, HAL, BHEL and many other organisations as well. The institute keeps in mind the needs of the students and that is the reason that it has different types of batches for different students. The students who wish to join a regular batch for regular coaching can get enrolled in this batch, however the students who wish to attend classes only on weekends can undergo the weekend batch that is offered by the institute. Other than this, the institute offers Postal- Correspondence Courses for the students who wish to learn by sitting at their homes. The students can analyse the level of their preparation through the Test series that is conducted by the institute.

The institute is owned by very talented and hard- working personalities and this is the reason that the institute is working very efficiently. The faculty takes complete care of the changing criteria and pattern of the examination and they renovate the study material and conduct tests according to the changes. The institute is offering its services in different parts of the country. It has its centres in Guwahati, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Noida, Raipur and Coimbatore. So if you are looking for a reliable institute for GATE and IES coaching then the Engineers Institute of India can be a good choice to go ahead with.
It is a coaching institute in Chandigarh that offers coaching for the GATE exam. They truly understand the importance of the career of the students after the Bachelor in Engineering and that is the reason that the institute offers some of the best class teacher that certainly build strong technical concepts of the students. The coaching institute offers its students with different types of facilities like
  • Classrooms enriched with the latest multimedia features. This helps in the better understanding of the concept by the students.
  • Proper interaction with the teacher in the classroom and the focus on interactive learning.
  • A library with about 500 books that are related with the course. So in case the students want to read something extra than the regular study material that is provided at the institute, they can refer to these books.
  • Separate sessions for clearing the doubts of the students. Some students do not feel comfortable while raising a question or a doubt in front of the whole class and that is the reason that the institute has employed separate doubt clearing sessions for the students.
  • Regular tests with different levels of difficulties. The students can check the level of their preparations with the help of these tests.
  • Topic wise question bank that helps the students in better understanding of the concepts.
  • Seminars conducted by the senior faculties from some of the top notch universities of  the world. These top personalities motivate the students to do something great in life.
  • Scholarships and concession in the tuition fees for the students who perform well in academics.
The institute has different timings for the batches and the students can choose the batch from these batches that suits them the best. For the regular batch there are two slots, one is in the evening and the other batch in the morning. There is a weekend batch too, for those students who can- not afford to attend the classes on weekdays. The coaching institute believes in for a perfect future for you and that is the reason that even after the GATE exam is over, they do not leave you alone. They will help you in selecting a perfect college for pursuing Master's in Engineering based on your GATE Score. Bur the institute does not offer coaching for all the branches of Engineering. It offers coaching for the GATE exam only to the students who belong to the Computer Science background. So the students who wish to pursue from one of the best institutes of the country the students from the IT background, this is the best coaching institute. The coaching institute is producing some of the Highest All India Ranks in North India.
The IES GATE ACADEMY is one of the finest coaching institutes of Chennai that offers students with the coaching for GATE (Graduate Aptitude test) and IES (Indian Engineering Services) exams. It also offers students with the coaching to crack several Public Sector Units (PSU’s) exams too.
IES GATE ACADEMY is serving the students of Chennai for more than 15 years. It offers coaching to the students from the Electronics and Communication engineering, Electrical engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, civil engineering and Biotechnology.  Every year the institute is consistently producing toppers from the various branches of engineering in the GATE and IES examination.
The institute offers different types of courses to the students like the regular courses, weekend courses, crash courses and correspondence courses as well. The institute conducts its classroom programmes in various places like T. Nagar, Annanagar, Tambaram, Coimbatore, Tirupathi and Nellore. So the students can get enrolled in the class schedule that is the most convenient to them.
Other than these there are several other features of this coaching institute because of what the institute has been able to attract huge masses. Some of these features have been listed below:
  • The institute provides about 350- 400 hours that are solely dedicated to cover the syllabus of the GATE exam.  Thus, the institute provides the students with adequate time to prepare for the test.
  • The faculty is extremely talented and dedicated and most of the teachers in all its branches are from Hyderabad.
  • The institute conducts topic wise tests of the students; these tests help the students in revising the syllabus.
  • There are separate sessions that are help for the students to clear their doubts. The teachers of this institute ensure that these sessions are conducted regularly without any break.
The institute conducts proper guiding sessions for the students and through these sessions, they provide the students with the adequate consultation about their future. The teachers also work on the strengths and weaknesses of the students and they try to maximize the strengths of the students.
The institute is one of the most reliable institutes of South India. If you feel that you want to secure a good score in the GATE exam or if you dream of becoming an IES officer then, the IES GATE Academy could be a perfect choice for you to go ahead with. 

These days, one can see a huge rush in the engineering sector. The colleges are flooded with the registrations of the students. The craze for engineering has reached great heights in India and why not it will be, after all it is one of the most toughest and prominent sector of education. Many students think to build their career as an IES( Indian Engineering Services) officer and there are some other that dream of becoming a post- graduate from one of the top notch colleges in the country. And to realise this dream, one needs a good GATE score. There are various coaching institutes in the country that offer coaching for GATE and IES exams. One such institute that offers coaching for IES, GATE and other PSU's is the TRUMP AND GATES.
This institute is delivering its services to the students since past 11 years and it is considered as a high quality education provider to the students. The students of the institute are securing decent All India Ranks in the GATE and IES exam in various streams of engineering like Electronics and Communication engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil engineering.
The institute believes that there greatest assets are the students and the Faculty. They believe in nurturing the talent and that is the reason that they focus on each and every student with complete care and dedication. The faculty is extremely dedicated and hard working towards their work. The teachers here are busy in strengthening the strong points of the students. It is the result oriented approach of the teachers that the students are shining in the exams like GATE and IES. The students of Delhi who are aiming to take coaching for the GATE, IES and PSU's can think of registering in this institute as it would be a decent choice to make.
ACE Engineering Academy
Ace is one of the leading institutes of the country that offers coaching for IES as well as GATE exam. The institute is producing toppers in the competitive exams like GATE and IES since a decade. The institute has its centres in different parts of the country like Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore, Vijayawada, Bhubaneswar, and Visakhapatnam. The future of any of the coaching institute lies in the hands of its faculty. And the reason for the fruitful results of the ACE academy is its hard working and erudite faculty.
There are various institutes in the country that produce great results, but there are only a few who expect for a good score in GATE or IES exam from an average student and ACE Academy is one of those academies. The Ace Academy is launching the average students in some of the best colleges of the country like the IIT's, IISc, NIT's and other deemed universities. This is a real breakthrough and an achievement for the institute all thanks to the hard working faculty and their teaching methods. The teachers in this institute are very caring and helping, the director himself is very caring towards the students. This type of attitude helps the students in feeling at home.  
The institute not only focuses on the academic side of the students but it also takes care of the personality of the student and that is the reason that it offers its students with the personality development classes.  The mentors of the institute motivate the students through various ways and this inspiration has made the students to beg great ranks in the competitive exams. The academy prepares its students very well for the competitive exams through their efficient study material, model exams conducted according to the latest GATE pattern, questionnaire solved for the various subjects. The academy conducts separate classes that incorporate the changed syllabus of the GATE exam. Moreover, the institute conducts free MOCK Tests based on the latest pattern of the GATE exam at the different centres of the country. The students can analyse their preparation through these tests. The ACE Academy conducts test series for all the branches of engineering like Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics and Communication engineering, Civil Engineering.' The students who come from faraway places can stay in the hostels that are offered by the institute. The institute focuses on the renovation of the questionnaire and mock tests according to the changes in the format and style of the GATE exam.
The Ace Academy is a perfect institute that provides GATE, IES and other PSU’s coaching all under one roof. The high quality of the results produced by the institute can be seen from the previous year results.