GATE 2014 Result

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What is GATE?
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is an exam for undergraduate students of engineering and science. It is an all-India examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the major Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). The main objective of the exam is to evaluate the students’ understanding of a chosen engineering or science principle and the ability to solve technical problems.
When is the GATE 2014 exam?

The GATE 2014 exams take place from 1st Feb 2014 – 2nd March 2014. The various subjects are designated a respective date. The exams are held on a weekend and the location depends on the preferred test centre of the candidate during registration.
The exam is for duration of 3 hours to contain 65 questions which carry a maximum of 100 marks. The examinations for the paper are carried out on an online computer related exam mode where the answers are keyed in on a virtual keyboard.
How is the GATE exam paper evaluated?

The GATE examinations are held in various sessions for different subjects. Therefore there is a need to normalize to make sure any variation in the difficulty level of the papers across the sessions does not affect the result of the candidate. The GATE 2014 score of the candidate is obtained using the following formula,
 Score = Sq + (St – Sq )*( M – Mq)/(Mt - M­­a)
M  : Marks obtained by the candidate
Mq : Qualifying marks for  general category
Mt  : Mean of marks obtained by the top 0.1% of candidates
Sq  ­: 350, score assigned to Mq
S : 900, score assigned to Mt
Where and when is the GATE 2014 result announced?

The results are announced on the online application website in the candidates account on 28th March 2014. After the declaration of results, the GATE score cards will be issued to the candidates via mail to the corresponding address. The GATE 2014 committee has the authority to decide the qualifying score for each GATE paper and the decision is final.

Where can I use the GATE score?

The GATE scores are mainly required for admission into the post graduation programs like M.E/M.Tech or PhD. Most institutions in India specify GATE qualification as mandatory for the admission process. The top rank holders are also awarded a scholarship and annual gratuity. Recently, many universities abroad such as the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and some universities in Germany also recognize the GATE score for the admission proves. The most sought after institutes are the IITs and the IISc. These institutes select only the creamy layer of students and provide them excellent opportunities.
Can I get a job with my GATE score?

The Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India have made it mandatory for the applicants to clear the GATE exam with a high score. These companies often recruit the best scorers in their stream. Indian Oil Corporation was the first PSU which effectively experienced out this system. It was followed by the National Thermal Power Corporation, Bharat Heavy Electricals, Bharat Electronics & Power Grid Corporation of India. These companies often announce their recruitment procedures after the GATE announcement, representing that all candidates have to mandatorily to take the GATE exam to apply for the job.

GATE 2015 Preparation Tips

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Gate 2015 preparation tips

Gate 2015 is an all India examination that is administered and conducted jointly by the IIS i.e. Indian Institute of science and the 7 IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology) present in India. It is conducted by NCB i.e. National Coordination board of Department of Higher education as well as Ministry of Human resource development i.e. MHRD. The Eligibility for GATE is B.Tech degree pursuing or completed after 10+2 are eligible. Master degree holders in any branch like M.Tech, MS. Integrated master degree students and dual degree students are eligible for GATE.

Gate exam preparation tips include the following:
  • The Candidate should have a high percentile from well-known institutions should be served for this purpose.
  • The student should study seriously for GATE for about 3 to 4 months continuously.
  • He/she should study according to the defined syllabus preferred for GATE.
  • He/she should be able to solve previous year GATE papers within the time stamp defined for it and should be doing this as per regular routine.
  • The most important Gate 2014 preparation tip is that the student should be able to fill up the gap by doing extra study for hours regularly.
  • He/she should perform several practice tests.
  • The student should have perfect time management skills as before an one month of examination he should be able to revise only the selected topics and queries with proper concentration
  • The student should cover the entire syllabus up to his fifth semester of degree.
According to toppers, a list of things are encountered which every student must know in order to gain success in GATE. The following are some of them:
  • Just the previous day of GATE examination, one should revise the course completely, otherwise it causes hurry at the last time and ultimately everything gets wrong.
  • During the exam, one should cover up first of all the A section which consists of 1 mark each and then he should go for the second section that contains 2 marks each.
  • The student should be able to manage the time suitably.
  • One should not get panic upon receiving the examination paper. The student should not get confused and should perform the paper accurately with full concentration without any hesitation. 
  • The student is not directed to complete the entire syllabus. However a selective section of topics preparation can also result in effective selection of learning.
  • The student should not memorize the answers without any proper understanding otherwise this may result in a futile exercise.
  • Proper time managing skills should be adopted by everyone who is preparing for this examination because this helps in avoiding the small mistakes and confusions as well.
  • The study plan should be made in such a manner that it focuses on solving one’s weakness and at the same time strengthens one’s ability in something.
GATE is Necessary to have a Better Future:

It is essential to become part of any renowned educational institute.
The GATE qualified students are also eligible for junior research fellowship in CSIR laboratories also.

This provides scholarships for pursuing Masters in technology i.e. M.Tech based on identifying the students’ affordability that is also taken into consideration by the government of the country.

Best GATE Study Materials

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Introduction to GATE: 
GATE stands for “Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering”. It is conducted all over the nation to enable an engineering graduate to pursue “Master Degree” in specific engineering streams. Graduates who aim to pursue an M.Tech from IIT’s and other premium technological universities in India need to take GATE exam and has to qualify by attaining a higher percentile. Various Educational Institutes impose a cut-off on the GATE Percentile of a student to secure seat in their organization for pursuing M.Tech.

GATE Examination Pattern: 
The examination consists of multiple choice questions and they are supposed the answer within three hours. The test is made online and students are providing with worksheets to work out the problems.

Why GATE Study Materials: 
GATE questions are often not direct and hence the student needs to get trained in understanding the question properly and work towards the expected solution. It is just difficult to achieve the required goal with mere academic books. Hence study materials focused completely upon the GATE Examination Pattern is very much required to get accustomed with the questions that are likely to be asked. Also study materials often throw light on the Engineering concepts which are discussed in depth in some IITs unlike other premier engineering institutes. Also the study materials provide tips and rapid formulae by which we can solve the given problem within less time.

Study Organizations: 
There are many GATE coaching organizations which provide extensive coaching on the examination and also provide a high quality study materials for students to enable easy learning at home. There are institutes like “VANI”, ‘ACE”,”BRILLIANT” etc which provide a structured study material.

Generally the coaching institutes provide study materials for offline reading. They are often divided based on subjects and at the end of each chapter there would be questions on the covered subject to test the student knowledge. The basic source of these study materials are again the academic books. Some coaching centers also sell their study materials exclusively for the students who have not enrolled in their organization. It is a kind of promotion they do to promote their study materials.
Most of them find “BRILLIANT TUTORIALS” to be the best as it is prepared by the lectures and professors who are working/worked in the top most educational institutes of India. Their study material is divided into number of sets depending upon the stream of engineering and distributed to the enrolled students on time to time. Along with each study material set students are also given test papers to test their knowledge on the subjects covered in that particular set. Their doubt scheme is extremely efficient. Students can post their queries and they are responded by the staff without most care. But the condition is that student just can’t post their queries on a particular problem. They have to try working on the problem first. If they are unable to solve it then they need to attach their work sheets along with their question. After all these are the attempts to bring the best out of the students.

About GATE 2015 Exam

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Gate is the acronym of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. A gate exam is a qualifying examination that is being conducted all over India primarily for testing the complete understanding of different undergraduate subjects in science and engineering. The gate exam is conducted together by a seven Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science in support of the National Coordination Board, Higher Education department, and office of the human resources development of India.

The marks secured in the gate exam by a candidate tell the level of his or her relative performance. The mark of the gate exam is exercised for admissions to different post-graduate programs such as Master of Technology, Master of Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy in the higher edification institutions of India, with financial support offered by the Ministry of Human Resources Development of India and other government organizations. In recent times, the marks of the gate exam are being used by numerous Indian public sector undertakings as well for hiring graduate engineers in admission-level positions.

Eligibility to write the GATE 2015 Exam:
An aspiring candidate should satisfy any one of the following criteria to write the gate exam.

A 4-year graduate degree in Technology, Engineering or Architecture with 10+2 pattern of education or Post-Diploma or Post-B.Sc., and those who are doing their final year in these courses are eligible to write the gate exam. 

A master’s degree in any branch of Mathematics, Science, Computer Applications, or Statistics or equivalent degree and those who are doing their final year in these courses are eligible to writ the gate exam.

Applicants in the second or higher year of a 4-year integrated Postgraduate degree programs in Technology or Engineering and those who are doing their final year in these courses are eligible to write   the gate exam..

Applicants in the 4th or higher year of 5year integrated Postgraduate degree programs or double Degree programs in Technology or Engineering and those who are doing their final year in these courses are eligible to write the gate exam.

Applicants with qualifications acquired through exams conducted by certified societies accepted by AICTE or UPSC as equivalent to B.Tech or B.E are eligible to writ the gate exam.

Financial Support
A legitimate gate exam mark is necessary for getting financial support during Postgraduate programs and straight Doctoral programs in Technology, Engineering or Architecture, and Doctoral programs in pertinent disciplines of Science in institutions approved by the Human Resources Development ministry of India or other Government recognized organizations.

According to the directives of the Ministry of Human Resources Development of India, the following system is to be adopted for getting admission to the Doctoral and Master’s degree programs with the assistance-ship or scholarship of the Ministry of Human Resources Development of India.

According to the standards adopted by a particular institution or department of the institution, an applicant may be admitted unswervingly into a course derived from his or her performance in the gate exam only.

The applicant may be admitted derived from his or her performance in the gate exam and an admission exam or interview carried out by the faculty to which he or she has applied and, or the educational record of the candidate. In this case, the least amount of 70 percent weightage is to be offered to the performance in the gate exam and the balance weightage of 30 percent is to be given to the candidate’s performance in examination or interview and, or educational record of the candidate.