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Introduction to GATE: 
GATE stands for “Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering”. It is conducted all over the nation to enable an engineering graduate to pursue “Master Degree” in specific engineering streams. Graduates who aim to pursue an M.Tech from IIT’s and other premium technological universities in India need to take GATE exam and has to qualify by attaining a higher percentile. Various Educational Institutes impose a cut-off on the GATE Percentile of a student to secure seat in their organization for pursuing M.Tech.

GATE Examination Pattern: 
The examination consists of multiple choice questions and they are supposed the answer within three hours. The test is made online and students are providing with worksheets to work out the problems.

Why GATE Study Materials: 
GATE questions are often not direct and hence the student needs to get trained in understanding the question properly and work towards the expected solution. It is just difficult to achieve the required goal with mere academic books. Hence study materials focused completely upon the GATE Examination Pattern is very much required to get accustomed with the questions that are likely to be asked. Also study materials often throw light on the Engineering concepts which are discussed in depth in some IITs unlike other premier engineering institutes. Also the study materials provide tips and rapid formulae by which we can solve the given problem within less time.

Study Organizations: 
There are many GATE coaching organizations which provide extensive coaching on the examination and also provide a high quality study materials for students to enable easy learning at home. There are institutes like “VANI”, ‘ACE”,”BRILLIANT” etc which provide a structured study material.

Generally the coaching institutes provide study materials for offline reading. They are often divided based on subjects and at the end of each chapter there would be questions on the covered subject to test the student knowledge. The basic source of these study materials are again the academic books. Some coaching centers also sell their study materials exclusively for the students who have not enrolled in their organization. It is a kind of promotion they do to promote their study materials.
Most of them find “BRILLIANT TUTORIALS” to be the best as it is prepared by the lectures and professors who are working/worked in the top most educational institutes of India. Their study material is divided into number of sets depending upon the stream of engineering and distributed to the enrolled students on time to time. Along with each study material set students are also given test papers to test their knowledge on the subjects covered in that particular set. Their doubt scheme is extremely efficient. Students can post their queries and they are responded by the staff without most care. But the condition is that student just can’t post their queries on a particular problem. They have to try working on the problem first. If they are unable to solve it then they need to attach their work sheets along with their question. After all these are the attempts to bring the best out of the students.


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