Why GATE Mock Test

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What is GATE?
GATE, short for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is one of the most competitive exams conducted in India. This exam primarily tests the candidates on their understanding of the various subjects studied by them in their under graduate program of engineering and science. Seven of the IITs and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore have joined together to conduct this exam. Every year individual of the eight institutions takes up the responsibility of organizing the test. The paper generally consists of sixty five questions for hundred marks. While most of the questions are related to the subject of the paper, there would be question which deals with general aptitude and also engineering mathematics.

What is the importance of GATE?

GATE is the primary eligibility criteria to get an admission into any of the top institutions for the post graduate programs in Engineering. There are also few public sector undertakings in India, such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Indian Oil Corporation, etc which consider the GATE scores while selecting the candidates for recruitment in entry level positions. With GATE becoming the gateway for the coveted admissions into top notch institutions and with various organizations testing their candidate’s subject knowledge through this exam, the importance of GATE has increased in the present scenario.

Do you need GATE mock test?

Yes, definitely. With over nine lakh people appearing for the exam and the number of candidates registering for the exam growing every year, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that you have all the resources to end up in the top percentile. And the GATE mock test will help you in achieving to be in the top percentile. A mock test would replicate the exact pattern to be followed in the real exam and it will give you a taste of how the real exam is going to be. It will also measure how prepared you are for the exams. With the scores that you get in those mock tests, you can assess your level of attentiveness. You can also find the areas where you are strong and areas where you might want to improve. The more tests you take the more prepared you become. As you practice on taking many mock tests, your speed in reading the questions and answering them would increase.

With the number of seats offered by the top institutions being few and the likely competition that you have to face for those few seats being high, the importance of GATE mock test cannot be stressed more. Not just the admissions but GATE can also get you stable jobs in the Public Sector Undertaking. The stress on the GATE mock test is well justified by the above mentioned reasons. There are various institutions which offer mock test packages for a fee. You can opt for any of those packages and help yourself in getting prepared for the real exam. Mock tests are a sure fire way to ensure that you land in your preferred job or secure an admission in a top institution.


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