How to Choose a Best GATE Coaching Center

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Significance of GATE:
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an exam which is conducted to verify the relative performance level of the candidate on his/her undergraduate subjects. There are several subject categories in GATE the final GATE score secured by the candidate is used to decide on the admissions of their Masters degree. At present, many recruiting organizations also consider GATE score for recruitment and have made GATE scores to be the primary criteria.

Choosing Best Coaching Center:

While choosing the coaching center, one should be concerned of several factors. Few of them are listed below: 

Choosing the stream:

As mentioned earlier, there are several subject categories in GATE. So it is important to choose the stream of our interest and start looking for the coaching centers which offer the best training.

History of the coaching center: 
Should know the active period of the coaching center since the year it was established.
To check whether the chosen coaching center is a well reputed one.
Should collect the details regarding the number of students enrolled in the course.
Must take a look on the ranks scored by the old students with respect to the toppers list.
Should track the records of the past performance.

Surroundings of the coaching center: 
Should get a comfortable feeling in the class environment.
Make a consideration in the coaching centers that are close to the home or work place, so that it would be easy and convenient in attending the classes.

Time slots of the coaching center: 
Should check whether different time slots are available.
Should enquire on the number of students per batch and choose if it is with limited students.

Method of training: 
To know whether extra classes would be taken.
To make an enquiry whether any sessions would be specially taken in order to clarify the doubts.


Should make an enquiry on the teaching faculties' qualification of the chosen coaching center.
To know whether the professors or lecturers are qualified and have got a good experience.

Mock sessions and mock tests:
Can give a try by attending the mock sessions and demo classes.
Should contact the representative to know about their way of testing the performance of the students.
Should make an enquiry whether mock tests will be conducted on a regular timely basis.

Payment method:
Should ask for the fee structure and get information about the refund system.
Should check with the mode of payment on the basis of our convenience.

Whether the center is updated with latest technology: 
Should know whether the center is updated with the recent technology innovations so as to conduct live online sessions.
To check whether the coaching center has an active website so as to make use of reference E-books at any time.
To check whether they have got the collection of all the previous exams' questions and uploaded them at their site for the student’s reference.
Should collect some pre-information whether the study materials issued by them are really useful and relevant with our current subject.

Contacting old students:
Can contact the previous students of that coaching center to gain better information about its education part.

Hope you guys found the article useful.

Wish all the students a great success to crack GATE!


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