GATE Books 2015.

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GATE Books. Best author for gate books for all departments.

Best GATE Study Materials for all departments:

For all departments the study materials are different based on their Major subjects. 

Gate study Materials for Electronics and communication department: (ECE)

The details of reference study materials for Electronics and communications are listed by their subjects.

· The linear Algebra, Transform theory and Numerical methods preparations referred by the book of Higher engineering Mathematics the author was B.S Grewal.

· The calculus, Differential equations and complex variables lessons are preferred by the intermediate mathematics, S.Chand publications by B.V.Sastry and K.Venkateswarlu.

· The electronic devices lessons are preferred by the authors Boylestad, Benjamin G Streetman, Millman Halkias, David A Bell and Malvino.

· The analog and digital circuits lessons are referred by the authors are Hayt & Kemmerly, Joseph A. Edminister, Sadiku, Neamen, and Morris Mano.

· Signals and Systems are referred by Sanjay Sharma and Willsky & Nacob.

· Control Systems referred by B.S Manke. Communication systems by Simon Haykin.

· Electromagnetics waves and Radiating systems by Hayt, JD Kraus.

· Few other material for ECE department is Gate 2010 by R.S. Kanodia for questions only.
One of the ECE Gate book image as below:


Gate study Materials for Computer Science and Engineering: (CSE)

The Computer Science and Engineering study materials are listed by subject wise as given below.

· The “Discrete Mathematics” is the Mathematical Logic best books for by Tremblay and Manohar.

· “Probability statistics and queuing theory” by S.C. Gupta and V.K. Kapoor was the best reference book for probability. 

· This book contains the conditional probability, mean, median, mode and standard deviation, random variables etc..

· The “Numerical Methods” by S.S. Sastry book was used for Numerical Methods subjects. More problems are solved prefect methods.

· “Formal Languages and automata theory” by J.D.Ullman etal was the best author for Formal Languages and automata theory subjects.

· “Introduction to Algorithms” by Cormen etal and “Computer Algorithms” by Horowitz & Sahani are the best books for Analysis of Algorithms and Computational Complexity.

· This book contains asymptotic analysis of time and space, Upper and lower bounds on the complexity problems and NP completeness.

· “Digital Logic circuits and Design “by Morris Mano is the easy and good for Digital Logic circuit. This book also contains Logic functions, Design and synthesis of Combinational and Sequential circuits, minimization and Number representation and computer Arithmetic.

· For Computer Architecture, “Computer Organization” by Morris Mano and “Computer Architecture” by Briggs and 2 chinese authors books are used. This book contains the Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU and Data path, hardwired and micro programmed control, I/O interface, serial communication interface and memory interface. 

· The “Programming with C” by Byron Gottfried and “Principles of programming Languages” by Robert W Sebesta, Addison Wesley and “Programming with C++” by Balaguruswamy are best books for Programming Methodology subjects.

One of the CSE Gate book image as below:


Gate study Materials for Electricals and Electronics: (EEE)

Most of the subjects are same for both Electronics and communication department and Electricals and Electronics department. Some different subject’s books are given below:

· The Electrical Technology by B.L Theraja and Fundamental of Electrical engineering by Leonard S Bobrow and Electronic devices and circuits by Millman and Halkias books are most used for Electrical circuits and Fields subjects


· The Electrical Machines subject lessons are mostly derived at Electrical Machines by P S Bimbhra, Electrical Machines by G B Gupta and Electrical Machines by SK Bhattacharya Tata Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi publishing.


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